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Březník lies in the Highlands region at the foot of the Bohemian and Moravian Highlands at 367 m above sea level. The land area of the village is situated in 1357 hectares mainly in a little valley by the stream Luh and touches the little river Chvojnice and river Oslava at its borders.


The beginning of the village lies deep in history and the first writing about the village is from 1237 in the Brno land archives. In previous texts it is written as Briesnik, Brzesnik, Breznik or Brieznicz. The one hundred-year-old history of Březník is connected to the nearby castles of Lamberk and Cow Mountain with main the noble dynasty Březník from Náchod and from Lamberk.


The dominating feature is a Roman-style church, The Assumption of the Virgin from the end of the 12th century which is standing on the raised area in the middle of cemetery and which is easily visible from a distance. The Church in Březník is the main historic and cultural monument of the region. It has the appearance of a cross, the nave and the transepts are in Gothic style. The gothic building was the original Březník church of Mr. Ješek from Náchod. The original Roman great door has been kept in the south wall of the nave. Three late gothic bells are hanging in the steeple. There is a baroque statue of St Joseph and a memorial to victims of the world wars too.

Recreation opportunities

The very important natural recreation area of Pooslaví is situated in the neighbourhood. Another interesting area for tourism and bicycle tourism is the valley of the little river Chvojnice. The most attractive part of the Oslava river and Chvojnice – nature reserve, the valley of the Oslava and Chvojnice rivers, can be walked along red, blue and green tourist trails. Březník offers catering and accommodation to its visitors, including a special service for bicycle tourism. Other attractive places are situated in the close neighbourhood, e.g. the castle in Náměšť on the Oslava river with its rich collection of carpets, furniture and pictures; the monument to the Bible of the Unity of Czech Brethren in Kralice on the Oslava river; the Mohelno steppe (a national nature reserve) and Dalešice reservoir with its fishing and water sports possibilities. Transport by boat is also in operation there.

For more informations contact us by e-mail: obec@obecbreznik.cz, or visit us at municipal office Březník – Březník č. p. 247, 675 74.

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Monday:       8:00–11:30 / 12:30–17:00
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Friday:           8:00–14:00


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